Happy New Year—The Sign Language Journey Begins

My New Year’s resolution is to learn American Sign Language (ASL). I’m a complete beginner. I know the alphabet and a few basic signs, but I know that I am an outsider from the hearing world and I have a journey ahead of me. My goal is become conversational by next year. I want to be able to have fun interactions and make friends in the Deaf Community.

Happy New Year ASL

Happy New Year in American Sign Language from Sign-Language-Blitz.com

Through my journey to learn ASL, I want to help others learn ASL. For anyone who may be learning ASL (hearing students in classes, hearing friends and family of members of the Deaf Community, parents, those who may be losing their hearing) I want to learn ASL and, in the process, create tools and information that can help you learn.

I have a background in computer programming, and I’m making software tools to help me learn ASL. It is my sincere hope that they will help you as well in your journey to learn ASL.

I have a tool that I’ve created to help me learn new ASL signs. It is a video flashcard tool that can help you remember signs that you learned in class or at your last meet-up. You can see an early version here:

Video Flashcard Demo

Right now there isn’t a lot of content, but I’m adding more. Starting at the end of January 2017, I’m taking a sign language class at my local community college. During the class I’ll be creating more video flashcards as I learn more, and I’m hoping to find others who can help.

I’ve been in contact with about a dozen sign language teachers in the Albany, New York area, and many of them have been very helpful. We’ve exchanged a lot of emails, and I’ve met a few of them over lunch. I’m hoping to work with them and others in the Deaf Community to make this Web site a place that can really help you in your quest to learn ASL.

Anyways, happy 2017, and happy signing!

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