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Are you taking an ASL class and want more practice? Do you have someone dear to you in the Deaf community? Are you a visual learner looking for a different approach to studying? Have you wanted to learn ASL because it looks intriguing?

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Learn Blitz: Learning with a Purpose

You came to the right place! Sign Language Blitz aims to help make American Sign Language (ASL) more accessible for the hearing friends and family of the Deaf Community. This is a great tool for people who want to to learn to be conversational in ASL. It’s also a good way to learn basic ABC’s and signs that you can teach to your younglings and others!

ASL is a visual language that is used by Deaf people to communicate with each other. It incorporates not only hands but facial and body movement.

This is a great opportunity for you to learn ASL at any pace you want and you can choose your path of what signs you want to learn first. There are courses that range from learning how to strike a conversation to colors and days of the week. You get to choose what you want to learn in ASL and maximize your learning experience with a nifty flashcard tool to help you learn faster! Sign Language Blitz aims to provide different vocabulary and phrases in a way that you can see the spoken language in a visual way with multiple videos and text explanations.

If you don’t have much time in your day, you can use Sign Language Blitz and practice signs you have been learning or teach yourself one new sign. You can sign one more word in a conversation with a Deaf person!

But to get access to all that, Sign Language Blitz is looking for feedback on the demo so we can see if it is effective the way it is now. We are looking for any type of feedback whether you are a beginner learner, a moderate, or an advanced user. We also look for any suggestions of certain vocabulary categories and topics that you want to learn. Fire away with the feedback!

Try out our demo at: https://learn-blitz.com/demo/ and start learning today!

Submit your feedback at: https://sign-language-blitz.com/contact-us/


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