Stories must be shared—let’s start with mine!

Stories bring communities together.

Hi everyone. I’m so excited to be a part of this blog. I love reading, whether it’s captions, articles, or books, because I learn something new!

I love meeting people because I never know what I will get out of the interaction. That’s my favorite part of life.

I love to talk about the Deaf community and the American Sign Language (ASL) community because both communities are diverse. I learn so much from each community, whether I apply it to my own life or I share it with others. Stories must be shared so diversity can be embraced!

When I was three years old, my doctor told my parents that I was deaf in both ears. My parents were devastated when they found out. It was not because of my inability to hear but rather, at the time, the barrier that prevented my parents from communicating with me.

Both of my parents were determined to remove the communication barrier, so they talked to people all over the state. They finally found that Signing Exact English (SEE), a modality of English, would be the best way to communicate with me.

I went to a private school amongst other Deaf students up to eighth grade. While I attended school, I got two cochlear implants (CIs), the first decided by my parents and the second decided by me. I then attended a public high school with a Deaf program, where I was exposed to American Sign Language (ASL).

I interacted with a diverse group of Deaf students from all over the state and nation, which was cool! I got to learn how to personalize my own way of signing just like everyone else (more information on that coming up). I learned that I prefer to use Pidgeon Signed English (PSE), which is ASL in English order. I am now at the University of Washington (UW), majoring in English and learning more ASL by interacting with ASL signers!

I have deep respect for everyone in the Deaf community, in the ASL community, and all the communities they are in. My goal in writing this blog is to provide information from different platforms and show how great ASL and the Deaf community is.

I cannot wait to learn and share even more about the Deaf community and ASL!

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