The Story

American Sign Language is a fun language. The movements, the facial expressions, and the signs are energetic and seem like such a natural way for us to convey ideas.

The best way to learn sign language is to practice with members of the Deaf Community. The Deaf Community is welcoming and always willing to engage in a conversation with beginners. For me, meet-up groups on were particularly helpful for connecting with members of the Deaf Community.

In spite of the fun that sign language is, learning it has also been challenging. As a hearing person trying to connect with the Deaf Community, I found it frustrating to ask for the third or fourth time what a specific sign meant. There are so many signs, and many of the signs have small details.

I’m a programmer, so I came up with a computer tool to help. It is focused on teaching conversational sign language that you can use the next time you meet with your friends or family who sign.

Right now the tool is a prototype, and I need your feedback to make it into a serious tool. Click on the button below to try out the learning tool.

—Christopher Morrison


Updated February 9, 2017 by Christopher Morrison