American Sign Language Alphabet

Finger spelling, where you use letters to spell a word, is commonly used to spell out names of places or ask for the sign for a word. In this lesson the American Sign Language Alphabet is taught.

First Conversation in ASL

Learn how to say hello, introduce yourself and ask simple questions.

HVCC Week 1 Signs

Signs for students in Professor Johnson's ASL101 class at Hudson Valley Community College.

Numbers (1-15)

Signing the numbers in ASL from one to fifteen.


Signing colors in ASL

Clothing and Appearance

Signs for clothing and and appearance that you can use to describe other people.

HVCC Week 2 Vocabulary

Miscellaneous vocabulary for professor Johnson's second week of class at Hudson Valley Community College

Conversation Vocabulary Basic Questions

The basic questions, who, what where, when, and why are usually the starting point for conversations.

Family and Relationships

Signs for family members and loved ones.

Referring to other People

When referring to his/her or they or our, different signs are used.

Classroom Vocabulary

Vocabulary related to learning, students, and teachers.

Beginner Phrases

These phrases will help when meeting a new person who uses ASL! Watch the fast and slow versions to gain a deeper understanding of the individual signs for each phrase.

Days of the Week & US National Holidays

Use this lesson to learn how the days of the week are signed and how to sign some US Holidays. Use the slow video to help you gain a deeper understanding of the sign and how to represent the concept visually.

Time of day

This lesson will show different times during the day. The goal of this lesson is to learn signs for making plans. Watch the fast video for the sign one time, then click on the slow video for a breakdown of the sign.
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