The Team

Christopher Morrison


Chris grew up in the Albuquerque area and went on to graduate from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University with a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering and Computer Science. He moved to Seattle after graduating with his Ph.D in Nuclear Engineering from RPI. After attending a few local meetups with the Deaf community, he became interested in learning and helping others learn sign language. Chris is the founder of Sign Language Blitz and creator of the Blitz Cards for learning ASL.

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Mabel Najarro

Mabel Najarro

Lead ASL Instructor

Mabel works as an ASL Interpreter in Maryland. She developed an interest in sign language through classroom experience, and graduated from RIT/NTID with a concentration in Deaf studies. Mabel played a key in developing the first lesson plans and content for Sign Language Blitz. Outside of work, Mabel enjoys painting and playing ukulele with friends.

Gerald Giordan

Gerald Giordan

ASL Instructor

Gerald is Deaf and grew up in Philadelphia. He is currently a college student at Bloomsburg University, pursuing a bachelor's degree in Information and Technology Management and a career as a computer systems analyst. Gerald played a key role at Sign Language Blitz creating the bulk of our lessons. Gerald enjoys running and socializing.