Three Ways to Get Back to Learning ASL Post-COVID

The last year has been challenging. The COVID pandemic uprooted daily routines and impacted us all in ways we never thought imaginable. Now things are beginning to open up, and life is slowly returning to more normal. For anyone learning ASL, that is excellent news. Zoom, Skype, Teams, and other. . . + Read More

Beta Sign Up Closes March 18th

We will be closing the beta sign up on Wednesday March 18th. If you are interested in signing up for the beta before it closes, use the following links to try the demo and sign up for the beta: Try the Demo ( Sign Up ( The demo will continue. . . + Read More

Moved into the Cloud

Sign Language Blitz for the last few years has lived on a server in Chicago. But in preparation for launch, it has now moved into a new bigger faster location right in the heart of the internet known as “the Cloud.” What does this mean for you? Fast: All of. . . + Read More

Why Do You Want to Learn ASL?

Why do you want to learn ASL? We posed this question to our Sign Language Blitz users. In turn this question has evoked a wide range of profound answers. We have gone through nearly 500 responses and summarized them here. Creating stronger connections is the most common reason given for. . . + Read More

Sign Language Blitz Turns 2 Years Old

April 19th 2017 was the date that the Sign Language Blitz was first stated as a company. Today we are happy to say that we have come a long way from an idea into a real platform. Back in August we released our demo, in December our first beta experience.. . . + Read More

Beta Launch Announcement

Since April of 2017, we been working on making a simple platform to help friends and family of the Deaf community learn ASL, and we’re happy to see it so close to being a finished product. But the work isn’t quite done yet and we need your help. For this. . . + Read More

We Asked, You Answered! Updated Demo.

After our initial demo launch, we asked for your feedback. Here are some of the changes:  New video player slow-motion moved the play button so it doesn’t interfere with the video custom buttons on the player Tools to help you measure your progress while studying progress bar flag that pops. . . + Read More

Names (and “Sign Names”) in ASL

Hi! My name is _________. The ASL alphabet is an essential function of the language and is often relied upon by beginners to communicate while learning more vocabulary.  Check them out below.     Challenge: Learn your ABCs, then post a video on Facebook or Instagram fingerspelling your name (add. . . + Read More

ASL Poetry

Every language has art forms centered around it (poetry, music, etc) and ASL is no exception. This post will dive into popular styles and devices used in ASL poetry. Many thanks to Kenneth Lerner, at RIT for interviewing, teaching, and sharing poetry resources! Poetic Devices  Speed changes can be used. . . + Read More