Names (and “Sign Names”) in ASL

Hi! My name is _________.

The ASL alphabet is an essential function of the language and is often relied upon by beginners to communicate while learning more vocabulary.  Check them out below.

Challenge: Learn your ABCs, then post a video on Facebook or Instagram fingerspelling your name (add your sign name if you have one!).  Add #SLBNameGame and tag @signlanguageblitz in the post.

You may have noticed the term “sign name” being tossed around.  What does that mean?

Sign names are personalized or customized signs that combine handshapes and movements to refer to a certain person… they’re like nicknames.

There are some information about getting or giving sign names:

  1. Deaf signers typically give sign names to friends and family members.
  2. They can be based on personality traits, distinctive physical qualities, or habits.
  3. They can also be initialized with the first letter of your name.
  4. Some ASL users are not given a sign name or choose not to use one, especially if their name is short and/or easy to spell.
  5. Typically, when introducing yourself, finger spell your name and present your sign name after.

Watch the video below to learn your ABCs. We can’t wait to see your #SLBNameGame posts!

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