“Standing on Business” ASL Trend

With the rise in popularity of videos on social media, American Sign Language has become the center of many trends. Recently, the phrase “Standing on Business” in ASL has been trending due to a Seattle Seahawks wide receiver’s touchdown celebration.

Definition of “Standing on Business”

According to Urban Dictionary, ”Standing on Business” is defined as handling one’s responsibilities and completing necessary tasks or, when facing a situation, taking care of one’s own affairs.

The phrase is not new. It has existed on the internet and been a part of African American Vernacular English (AAVE) for a long time. The phrase initially started gaining more traction when Drake released his new song “Daylight” where he says the phrase repeatedly.

It then gained even more popularity when DK Metcalf took to the football field to share the phrase in American Sign Language.

How to Sign “Standing on Business”

There are multiple ways to sign the phrase “standing on business” depending on grammatical structure and context.

The first way to sign it follows exact English word order. You would sign:


The second way to sign it leans more into ASL slang. You would sign :


The third way to sign it focuses more on the meaning of the phrase. You would sign:


Watch this video as an example of each version.

Seattle Seahawks Football Player DK Metcalf

DK Metcalf became the face of the “Standing on Business” ASL trend after he signed the phrase after scoring a touchdown. The football star has been studying sign language to challenge himself on his off days. He took a course in college and recently picked it up again after being connected with Darrell Utley who has been his ASL teacher this year.

Metcalf has been fined over $98,000 in his career for excessive celebration and unsportsmanlike conduct, according to Front Office Sports. Therefore, if using sign language allows him to avoid further fines, it is a savvy move.

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