Why Do You Want to Learn ASL?

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Why do you want to learn ASL? We posed this question to our Sign Language Blitz users. In turn this question has evoked a wide range of profound answers. We have gone through nearly 500 responses and summarized them here.

Creating stronger connections is the most common reason given for learning ASL. Whether those connections are with friends, family members, children, or coworkers. Learning ASL provides a pathway to communicating with those important in our lives.

My grandfather is deaf and deafness runs in a part of my family. I would like to learn ASL to be able to fully communicate with him.

Reasons to Learn ASL
Reasons for Learning ASL Based on Responses from 467 Sign Language Blitz Users

The second most common reason is in relation to a career. Many of you work in the emergency services and know that during an emergency being about to communicate in ASL may be able to help save a life. Another large portion of respondents work in the education field. You know that deaf students are no less capable of achievement given the access to teachers and resources that can effectively communicate. Others of you are professionals in social services and have made it your goal to be an advocate for equal opportunities. Some of you aspire to be interpreters to help bridge communication barriers between the Deaf and hearing.

I work in a downtown library. We have quite a few patrons who are deaf and hard of hearing and we are just down the street from the state school for the Deaf and Blind. I want to be able to help these patrons when they come into our library.

The third most common reason is for fun. You see ASL as a skill that not only engages your love for learning but give you a new ability to communicate with new and interesting communities in a beautiful language.

It will satisfy my ardent linguistic curiosity as I know a handful of spoken/written languages but no signed languages.

The fourth most common reason is that you have experienced hearing loss. You know that while your may be losing a sense that you have been long accustomed to, you can adapt. By learning ASL you gain a way to communicate that is equally as expressive.

I have progressive hearing loss. My hearing aids don’t always help.

Other common reasons for wanting to learn sign language include some of the following. Inspiration from popular culture in movies, TV, shows and celebrities. Some of you are in love at first sight with someone who is deaf and want to ask for a date. Some of you have a new baby in your life and you know that you can enrich your capability to communicate at with ASL. There are even a few of you that want to learn so you can play games with deaf friends.

I play a game called Magic the Gathering, and I have been wanting to learn the terms [in ASL] so I can play it properly [with deaf friends].

There are many more reasons for learning ASL. You can let us know in the comments below. For whatever reason you want to learn ASL, we want to help. Sign Language Blitz has a simple tool to help you learn skills and techniques. If you haven’t already, click the “Try Our Demo” button below, and see for yourself if our tool can work for you.

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